About us

In the early 80's the first headless instruments appeared on the market, born from the genius of two giants of the modern electric liutherie: Ned Steinberger and Stuart Spector.

Minimalist design and modern materials helped to give these technically revolutionary instruments a unique personality, that render them the desire's object of musicians around the world.

Dreamers and visionary, able to break the mold in order to assert the strength of their ideas. With this in mind we approached this world, and it is with this spirit that we intend to continue, helped by our passion for music and mechanics.

Surfing the internet in search of alternatives to an used RTrem for a custom project, a few years ago I came across what is not wrong to define works of art, signed by the Japanese N. Hayashi , owner of the trademark Atlansia .

In particular I was struck by the solution adopted for the creation of a bridge type for headless instruments and failing to understand how it worked I turned to a dear friend mechanics fan and music too.

So it was then that, during an evening with friends, exploring the possibility of making a prototype, the idea to start this collaboration grow up to give shape to mine, now ours ideas.

Technology for Musicians born from this friendship, that drives us, with unity of purpose, to create innovative products that meet the needs of the musician of the third millennium.