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The system is composed of individual keys or cylinders, independent of each other, with which you can create compositions for stringed instruments 6/7/8 and more. Thanks to its flexibility is ideal for use in instruments with funboard keyboards multiscale.

Each key has the following settings:


    at the end of a screw was created a fissure to cradle the string's passage. This screw can be setted to raise and lower the string.


    the key or cylinder is placed against a harness that is secured with two screws to the instrument body. The cylinder has a vertical range on his saddle about 20 mm guaranteed by Allen screw that Once locked into the desired position will also determine the pitch of the single string.


    adjusting the pitch of the string is via a knob on the lower end of the key to which were made carvings to allow adjustment with a coin in the event that the bridge is installed on a traditional instrument without sufficient space to work comfortably with the only fingers.

Strings can be hooked frontally, inserting the bullet in a suitable recess. This make the system completely toolsless (is not necessary to cut strings to anchor them) and allows the use of double end ball strings.

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