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The concept of modularity is the basis of our ideas. Providing maximum flexibility and ease of use freedom guided us in design choosing, making a single system adaptable to most situations and in different configurations. This translates into the possibility of a bridge to convert from fixed to mobile or vice versa, you can change the nature of an instrument changing keyboard with a multiscale one or adding one or more strings without having to buy a new bridge.

The choice of materials meets the reliability, durability and sound performance. For our bridges we use only steel and brass. The fine pitch adjustments, as well as the load resulting from the tension of the strings and, last but not least, the transfer to the instrument body of the strings' vibrations, are guaranteed by the use of these materials compared to lighter leagues.

Available finishes are the classic CHROME, BLACK and GOLD. Every single piece is first chrome plated and suddenly treated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) which is a process that enrich aesthetically the material of which it is applied, as well as also provide durability.

This system contains in itself the dual function offered by a normal bridge, which is the string's anchor and tuning usually entrusted to tuning pegs put on the headstock in traditional instruments. The tuning stability is guaranteed by the anchoring system that prevents strings' twisting and fraying.

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